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Massive List of Startups Resources for Founders

Startup Resources


As a founder you have to constantly seek new resources to build, grow, and scale your startup. There’s an insane amount of entrepreneurship content and resources on the internet but not all add value. You have to get selective and find the ones that are most suited for your startup. In this post, we cover the top startup resources for your startup in every stage of the venture creation. Whether you are starting out, validating or scaling there’s something here to elevate your startup:

1. How to validate your idea
Validation should be the first step of the process. Sell it before you built it. Often times, as entrepreneurs we love to build, so we jump at it without talking to anyone! This is the biggest mistake for startups as they build without an audience. The best way to build a startup is to build an audience first before you even begin! How do you build an audience? Start with content.

How to validate your business idea in less than 24 hours
What questions to ask your customers

2. Finding a Co-founder and building a team
Finding a co-founder for your startup is the most challenging task in the beginning. Like where do you exactly find the right person to match up to build up something epic? Majority of our networks are working full-time, but there are people that are willing to work at a startup for equity not salary in the beginning. You also have to find someone with value alignment, and complimentary skill sets. Without both the relationship won’t work and the startup will fail. Here are some resources to read more:

How to find a cofounder in Toronto
How to find a cofounder in San Francisco
How to find a technical co-founder
How to find a cofounder crash notes

3. Building an MVP that Sells
An MVP doesn’t have to be a full blown product. As a matter fact, it shouldn’t be! It can be a newsletter, facebook group, and even better a blog. FoundersBeta started as a newsletter with a landing page. Start with something scrappy before spending hours and hiring a team to build it.

4. Start Marketing & SEO
Startup marketing is a really specialized skill as most marketers don’t have it. It’s easy when you have an established brand with budgets, but not so much when you have zero brand presence. Without marketing, the startup is dead in the waters. Start with marketing as soon as possible.

Top Free SEO Tools to Supercharge Up Your Site

5. Startup Jobs & Hiring
If you’re looking to hire usually the general job boards, just don’t cut it. Start with niche and community site for your next hire.

Startup jobs

7. Startup Events & Conferences
You have be incredibly selective as to which conferences makes the most sense as some can be a complete waste of time. As a founder you have to always prioritize your customers.

List of startup events

8. Press for founders
Getting press for founder is brutal if you haven’t raised. Main stream media coverage usually is non-existent unless you raise a massive round. This is why newer publications such as FoundersPress are changing the game!

9. Startup Newsletter
Stay in the loop by signing up to startup newsletter to get the opportunities, funding, and more.

Startup Newsletter
FoundersPress Newsletter

10. Startup Speakers
Get your personal site out there and also get your name part of the startup speakers to get more speaking engagements.

Startup Speakers List

11. List of Accelerators
Not all startups need to get into Y Combinator. Some niche accelerators can also help you.

Startup Accelerators

12. Startup Funding
When it comes to startup you have to explore all the options out there. Here are some resources on that.

Startup funding in Toronto

13. Startup Competitions
Non-dilutive funding for your startup is the best! Where you can find these opportunities? Start with startup competitions.

List of Startup Competitions

14. Inspiration
Staying motivated while building a startup requires patience and agility. From time to time you need to get inspired. Here are some the resources for movies and other media related content.

Movies for Entrepreneurs

15. Immigrant Entrepreneurs
Immigrants entrepreneurs in North America face unique challenges. One the best resources to get connected on this would be MangoVisa founded by Kushi Kaur.

16. Startup Memes
Humour is incredibly important at a startup. Here are some resources to brighten up your day

Top Hilarious startup memes for entrepreneurs
Startup Meme Column

17. Startup Community
The worst thing to do is to build your startup in isolation. There are other founders that are in the same boat as you! Join a community to get started with your idea.

FoundersBeta Startup Community

Not many people get to wake up everyday to work a new idea so be sure to enjoy your entrepreneurship journey!

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