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How Do You Find That Startup Job in Toronto?

Startup Jobs Toronto

You’re new in Toronto or T-dot as they call it and you’re looking to join a kick-ass startup, but where do you find that startup job? Finding a job in Toronto can be extremely challenging for any talented professional especially if you don’t have the “Canadian experience”. There are lots of ways to go about your search as you need to diversify your activities. You need to be hyperactive to maximize your chance and remain persistent. Here I will share some ideas to have that phone calls start ringing and getting those interviews with offers.

No experience in startups or tech? No problem!

Here’s how to tackle this scenario as I have been in the same shoes early on when I started out. I believe every expert was once a beginner. You can start by volunteering at an early-stage startup for a few hours a week, while you apply and interview the rest of the time. Volunteering at an early-stage startup is a good idea as you get to dive into building a startup from scratch. Two things are critical when you approach early-stage startups: offer a specific skill sets and offer limited time so you can focus on your search as well. If you don’t know your specific skill sets you just have to try! It’s like trying a new dish, you never what you are going like. When I started out I was volunteering with an early-stage startup for a few hours a week. They say when you work for a small business, you learn more about ins and outs of business, whereas in a bigger company you might feel like a small part of the machine. This couldn’t be more true. There are both advantages and disadvantages of working for a small company vs. an enterprise. They both can offer valuable experience but you just have to see where you can find your true calling and impact.

You have prior experience and looking to get a better role

In this case, you have to start getting active via events, online communities, and more. One of the best way to do this is to contribute to a publication. Got some ideas where AI space is headed? Reach out to startup publications and contribute. Create win-win situation where the publication gets an exclusive content and you get more exposure to your personal profile.

Diversify your Startup Job search activities

One of the most underrated channels is Twitter. There are a lot of hiring that happens there, but if you’re not active there it won’t work. You can share content related to your industry. Being opinionated wins as no one wants to read another boring tweet. I recently wrote about this on FoundersPress about startup job search.

Events are also a great channel to meet new faces, whether online or offline.
Just show up as you never know what happens. Check the up coming startup events listings here and Startup Career Fair right here.

Another great option is to work with a great recruiting firms.
Check out these firms below as they are doing some amazing work matching up talent with startups. Lastly, of course try out newer online recruiting platforms as you get better matches. For example, HiredHippo is a great one as they bring you actual matches that is based on your preferences in a few clicks.

Stay in the loop by signing up for newsletters
There are many opportunities that are shared in a newsletter and if you haven’t subscribed you will miss out. This one of the easiest way to get the opportunities delivered in your mailbox. Check out the Top Startup Newsletters, which I wrote a while ago on the best newsletters you can subscribe.

Resources and links for startups
For a startup point, check out the startup jobs listings page here. Bookmark this post as I have gathered list of startup job boards and useful links for you to check out here. It’s incredibly important to keep track of your search every day and have these handy so you check them regularly for new opportunities.

Being persistent is just tactically brilliant
There will times where you would like to throw the towel, but there’s almost one phrase that I always I carry with me and that is “just one more day”. This phrase does wonders for your mentality as the job search is a tough phase to go through. The more noes you get, the closer you get to yes

When it comes to search you have to develop a thick skin so don’t get too caught up in the noes. Keep moving forward and as you move forward your path will appear. Besides, all you need is one yes! If you’re new in Toronto, don’t give up!

At times it may be very challenging to meet new people, but joining communities, groups or classes are a good way to overcome this. Start investing in your network early and it will pay off big time in the near future. Cheers to a new beginning and new offer in Toronto.

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