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List of Bootstrapping Companies Scaling

Top Bootstrapping-Companies List

“The best form of capital for startups will always be paying customers.”

Startup media is 99.9% on startup fundraising, layoffs, or random policy. Bootstrapping startups or indie makers hardly get any recognition out there. They are severely underrepresented. Have you seen any content coverage in this area?
Zero. Nada. This is why startup media landscape needs to be changed as there’s more emphasis on sustainability and profitability than ever before. Will unprofitable unicorns be a thing out there in the next five years? Who knows! It has certainly become less and less common, even Uber is profitable now with their CEO. Some believe this is the right direction as often times many startups get lost in the whole fundraising hype and shut down some months later.

Startups are truly a long-term game and we need a better media for it. The whole media landscape for bootstrapping startups and companies can be sum up in one meme below. Originally posted this on Twitter, which has blow up to be over 3 million views. Crazy, right? Also the comments show the depth of this problem with the ecosystem. This post also got liked by Elon Musk.

How can we create a better press for founders? This is we are beyond thrilled to be working on FoundersPress and creating new columns such as Bootstrapping Column.This is a dedicated column to cover stories in bootstrapping companies. Our first ever coverage included, the Top Hottest Companies Without any venture capital. There are so many incredible up coming founders that we couldn’t fit in one article. There will be a whole tech series on covering bootstrapping stories. The purpose is to bright on the spotlight on these so they can continue to grow and scale to create new opportunities.

If you got compelling story about bootstrapping, would love to hear from you! Founders come from all walks of life to pursue their dreams of new venture. Nothing could be more exciting than that.

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