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Hey There! I'm Eric.

I’m a passionate startup founder with expertise in SEO, growth marketing, building online communities, and product development.

I am currently working on www.foundersbeta.com to build the ultimate online hub for tech companies, scale ups, and startups. I believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create opportunities for all. I’m also a top ranked tennis player and like to play chess. I’m always up for a conversation about business, marketing, and tennis.

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I always have multiple projects on the go as I believe side projects can help you unleash new opportunities. Besides, you won’t get bored! As a matter of fact some my best work came from a small tiny side-project, that was not the main dish! Hahaha…

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The FoundersPress is a media platform dedicated to covering entrepreneur and founder stories. There are many untold stories that doesn’t get covered by the tradtional media outlet. A better press is here for founders.

FoundersBeta is an online community for founders, innovators, and leads to connect with co-founders, talent, and funding to build successful startups.

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Cofoundersbeta is an online startup city hub directory that is launching in coming weeks.

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