Eric Rafat - Community Builder, Startup Founder, and SEO consultant

Building a Global Founders Community


The best business ideas come from solving your own problems! They call this scratch your own back problems. Looking into solving your own problems first.

FoundersBeta started as a little group for founders initially in Canada to get support and get connected with resources. This was called FoundersCanada. This was a side-project initially. I started this, while was working on my first startup. If you ever tried to build a startup you know how brutal it is! Literally in the beginning every single thing goes wrong at a startup. In addition, everyone thinks they are qualified to give startup advice. If you have never don’t a startup, you can’t relate to the problems or what founders go through. Despite all the challenges such such as finding a cofounder, team or MVP startups success.

What if there is a way we can accelerate the process of venture creation? Something that improves the odds of startups succeeding? While there are startup accelerators and incubators, many programs require startups to have everything setup perfectly. These include: having a cofounder, generating sales, product-market-fit, and more.

This is where communities can be incredibly powerful in venture creation process. As a a founder you have to find your own tribe and build your startup with a community. It really takes a village to raise a startup! The problem is many founders build their startup in isolation. This is results in landing flat-footed in the market. You can build the most beautiful product out there but if no one knows about it’s over. The best analogy for this is throwing a party! If you’re building in isolation, you did not work on sending invites to your party. Chances are in your launch day, no one may show up for the party! Startups succeed when both product and marketing are working hand-hand.

Here’s a summary on FoundersBeta.

Problem: Getting support as founder whether finding a cofounder, or finding that beta user is a challenge

Solution: Online hub that connects founders, innovators, and tech leaders to find talent, resources, and funding to build successful startups.

A little story behind the name as we get a lot of compliments. We call it FoundersBeta because of beta product of course, but also founders always need to be beta testing! Whether it’s for a new product, landing page or growth experiment. Always be testing no matter what! Fast forward, FoundersBeta grew to be one of the largest online community for founders. It is fully sustainable by founders. If you’re building a startup, we would love to have you join our community. Join us today.

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